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Best Lower Back Massager in 2022 • (Top 5 Reviews)

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Lower back pain started for me at the ripe old age of 14 when I began working full-time. By the time I grew late into my 20s, I also grew a desire to lift weights. This led me to lower back strengthening exercises, yoga, and a weightlifting belt. Needless to say, since you’re here right now, you know how irritating lower back pain can be. A great way to achieve pain-free days is to invest in the best lower back massager.

In this article, I share my top 5 lower back massager picks, reviews of each unit, and assorted tips sprinkled throughout the guide. Over the years, with the help of massage and lower back strengthening, I’ve been able to keep my lower back pain in check. Any day without lower back pain has the potential to be a good one.

Product Description
#1) TruMedic InstaShiatsu +

  • #1 Best Back Massager for Lower Back Pain
  • Style: Shiatsu
  • Heat: Yes
  • Dimensions: 35″ L x 19″ W x 5″ H
  • Weight: 5 lbs (shipping weight)
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Model: IS-3000PRO
  • Price: $$$
#2) Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

  • #1 Best Portable Lower Back Massager
  • Style: Shiatsu
  • Heat: Yes
  • Dimensions: 13″ L x 9.5″ W x 3.5″ H
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Model: ZMA-13-BK
  • Price: $
#3) Resteck Shiatsu Kneading Massager

  • #1 Best-Rated Lower Back Massager
  • Style: Shiatsu
  • Heat: Yes
  • Dimensions: 17″ L x 15″ W x 6″ H
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs (shipping weight)
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Model: BD1041
  • Price: $$
#4) Naipo Back and Neck Massager
  • #1 Lower Back Shiatsu Massager
  • Style: Shiatsu
  • Heat: Yes
  • Dimensions: 15.8″ L x 8.4″ W x 6.3″ H
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs (shipping weight)
  • Warranty: 2-Year
  • Model: NAIPO MGS-150D
  • Price: $
#5) Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager

  • #1 Handheld Massager for Lower Back Pain
  • Style: Deep Tissue
  • Heat: No
  • Dimensions: 15″ L x 3″ W x 4.5″ H
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Model: EM-2016C
  • Price: $

Best Lower Back Massager Reviews

As you can see, there are three primary types of massagers that are great for relieving lower back pain. The first type, and my personal favorite, is the neck & back massager that’s useful for most of the body. The second type is the massage pillow that’s lighter weight and more portable than the hanging massager models. A third type is a handheld unit that’s also quite portable and comes with different attachments for use on the entire body.

In each review below, I share the pros & cons of owning each massager along with my thoughts on why each massager may be the perfect fit for you. By the end of the reviews, you’ll know for sure which massager is best for soothing your aching lower back muscles.

TruMedic InstaShiatsu +

As its name suggests, the TruMedic InstaShiatsu massager provides an authentic Shiatsu massage experience without forking out big bucks for a masseuse. This type of hanging massager features adjustable wrist supports that allow you to use your natural body weight to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. The cordless and rechargeable design makes it possible to use this massager virtually anywhere and comfortably situate it along your body.

To target your lower back, simply wrap the massager around your waist and position the built-in massage heads exactly where you like on your lower back. There’s also the option to add heat to your massage for added comfort and to increase blood flow. Each session lasts for a full 20 minutes before the automatic shut-off function kicks in, which is longer than other competing units that sometimes offer 15 minutes. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate those extra 5 minutes without interruption.

With the control panel, you have the option to change the direction of the rotating massage heads, choose between 2 massage intensity levels, and turn the heat on/off. Overall, this is the best lower back massager that’s loved by people suffering from chronic lower back pain.

  • A good massager for muscle knots in the lower back
  • Effectively relieves tension after a hard day’s work
  • Relieves back stiffness and soreness like a champ
  • There’s almost no limit to where you can use it on the body
  • Loved by husbands with lower back issues
  • Better than a massage chair for lower back massages
  • Several broken massager reports
  • Reported problems with the massager failing to charge after several months
  • Not the best customer service marks

Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager

One of the best and most affordable units in this guide is the Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager. This nifty device is very easy to use and take with you almost anywhere. Simply place the pillow between your lower back and a chair or sofa, and you’re ready to start massaging your lower back. The beauty of this massage pillow is that you can put it almost anywhere to focus not only on your back, but your arms, feet, neck, and legs too.

One feature I really like is the automatic change in direction every 60 seconds. In other words, the massage heads rotate clockwise and counterclockwise every 60 seconds. This makes for a much more thorough and gratifying massage experience. The package includes a free sleeve that makes this massager great for car use during long drives when you’re neck may begin to ache.

The final feature I want to highlight is the heat setting for added soothing comfort. The biggest drawback is the unit is not rechargeable. Instead, it uses a power adapter and is compatible with 110-240V outlets. The good news is that it does include a car adapter. Each session lasts for 20 minutes before the massager automatically turns off.

  • A great massager for lower, mid, and upper back muscles
  • Its small size makes it easy to position it exactly where you want it on your back
  • The heat makes the back massage a whole lot better
  • It’s comfortable to use, and the materials look nice
  • Amazing for relieving lower back stiffness and pain
  • The best lower back massager for the money
  • It may be too small for your liking
  • Broken/malfunctioning unit reports
  • Torn cover reports

Resteck Shiatsu Kneading Massager

Of the massagers in my guide, the Resteck model is the best-rated. Similar to the TruMedic model, the Resteck unit hangs over your shoulders or other parts of your body. One of the clear advantages of choosing the Resteck massager over the TruMedic is the significantly lower price at the time of this writing. Plus, the Resteck unit comes with a nice bag to bring with you for massages on the go. The final big selling point is the Lifetime warranty with this massager rather than the 1-year warranty offered by TruMedic.

However, here’s the drawback: the Resteck unit must be plugged in while the TruMedic massager is cordless and rechargeable. Despite that shortcoming, the Resteck unit offers some pretty awesome features including a designated button to change between a clockwise and counterclockwise massaging head rotation. There are also options to adjust the speed, power, and heat during your massage. All in all, if you’re okay with using a power adapter rather than a cordless massager, the Resteck massager offers excellent value for the money.

  • The lifetime warranty for the price of this massager is awesome to see
  • The hard rollers are excellent for massaging deep into the lower back
  • Highly recommended for relieving lower back pain
  • It works best on the lower back compared to other parts of the body, including the neck
  • The ultimate back tension reliever
  • Hard to beat the price of this massager
  • The size of the unit may feel somewhat cumbersome
  • You may wish that the fabric was more comfortable
  • The chance of a painful experience

Naipo Back and Neck Massager

The final hanging style back and neck massager in my Top 5 is this unit by Naipo. Of the three hanging massagers in this guide, the Naipo unit is the most affordable (at the time of this writing). That also means it must be plugged in using the included wall or car adapters. When compared to the Resteck unit above, the Naipo massager offers just about the same functionality for a reduced cost.

There’s an option to change the rotation of the massage heads, soothing heat, and 3 speeds to choose from. Also, if you were scared away by the people who complained about the Resteck fabric being uncomfortable, this unit by Naipo includes a free dustproof cloth that wraps around the massager for added comfort.

The unit is made of ec0-friendly PU leather, breathable mesh, and the included cover is washable. One thing I really like about this unit is how quiet it is. If you plan to use it while binging on Netflix or relaxing with your hubby for a movie, the sound of the massager shouldn’t affect the ambiance.

  • The option to change the rotation of the heads makes for an awesome lower back massage
  • Excellent for relieving lower back tension with knots
  • Great for people who experience lower back pain after sitting at a computer all day for work
  • The most versatile type of back massager for targeting different muscles along the back
  • An effective pain and stiffness reliever
  • Awesome customer service
  • Unbeatable price
  • May feel bulky in the neck and shoulders area
  • Defective/broken massager reports
  • May feel a bit awkward positioning the massager on your lower back

Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager

Last but certainly not least is the only handheld massager in my guide, and I’m absolutely in love with it. This rechargeable massager offers a full 140 minutes of massaging power on a single charge! Amazingly, it offers up to 3,600 pulses per minute on battery power. Of course, it’s not quite as convenient as the other four massagers since you must hold it in place, yet it does allow you to really target the exact part of your lower back that aches the most.

The feature I really like is the included number of attachments that allow for all different types of massages. There are two 3-point heads, one 1-point head, a round head, and a curved head. The massager uses percussion technology to recreate a deep tissue massage anywhere on the body. There are 4 percussion modes to experiment with and buttons to enhance and reduce the power of the percussion. The silicone grip for added comfort and to ensure the unit doesn’t slip out of your hand during use is also a nice touch.

Overall, the Renpho handheld unit is one of the most portable lower back massagers in my Top 5, and it’s an excellent choice for people who prefer a deep tissue massage with precision accuracy.

  • Highly recommended for relieving lower back and hip pain
  • Works out knots in the lower back
  • The different massage heads are great for changing up your massage each day
  • Stands the test of time with daily use
  • Recommended for relieving lower back stiffness and pain after an injury
  • Provides quick lower back pain relief
  • Excellent for a neck massage as well
  • Renpho customer service is great
  • The lowest setting may be too powerful for you
  • It may start to feel heavy during use
  • Several reported problems with a defective battery that won’t hold a charge

Final Thoughts

Of all the electric massagers on the market, these are the 5 best lower back massagers for everyday use. There are three main types: the hanging neck & shoulder design, cushion style, and handheld units. Be aware that the hanging and pillow-style massagers are made to mimic a real shiatsu massage while the handheld massagers are better for deep tissue. If you don’t mind holding the massager, you might find that the Renpho handheld unit is the best for really targeting problem areas in your lower back and relieving knots.

If you’re someone who prefers a hands-free experience and just wants to sit back and relax while the machine does the work, the hanging and pillow units are definitely for you. No matter which unit you choose, these five are recommended for providing lower back pain and stiffness relief.

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