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Top 5 Best Foot and Leg Massagers • (2022 Reviews)

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The first time I experienced the gloriousness of the Singapore airport, I bumped into quite a few pleasant surprises. One of those surprises was free-to-use leg and foot massagers. I actually had to bend over to make sure there wasn’t any place to insert money. Once I confirmed that they were indeed free to use, I looked around and took a seat. It was at that moment that I entered electric foot massage bliss for the next hour. Once I settled in, I didn’t want to move as the massage rollers kneaded my feet and calves.

Welcome to my guide on choosing the best foot and leg massagers. I can tell you without a doubt that the massagers in this guide are the real deal and good for a wide variety of uses. Just imagine all the money you’ll save compared to buying expensive massage services. Owning one of these is like having a full-time masseuse in your home.

In this guide, I share:

  • Top 5 Leg and Foot Massagers
  • Foot and Leg Massager Reviews
  • Assorted Tips to Help You Choose the Right Model

Product Description
#1) Cloud Massage Machine

  • #1 Shiatsu Foot and Leg Massager
  • Heat: Yes
  • Remote Control: No
  • Dimensions: 22″ Wide x 17.7″ Deep x 11″ Height
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Model: 9486098094
  • Price: $$$
#2) Fit King Leg Massager

  • #1 Foot and Leg Massager for Circulation
  • Heat: No
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Dimensions: 29″ Top to Bottom, 28.5″ Max Calf Circumference
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs (shipping weight)
  • Warranty: 2-Year
  • Model: FT-012A
  • Price: $$
#3) Fit King Foot and Leg Massager with Knee Heat

  • #1 Leg Foot Calf and Ankle Massager
  • Heat: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Dimensions: 25″ Knee to Ground, 28.5″ Max Calf Circumference
  • Weight: 4.39 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-Year
  • Model: FT-011A
  • Price: $$
#4) Human Touch Reflex SOL

  • #1 Best Foot Calf Leg Massager
  • Heat: Yes
  • Remote Control: No
  • Dimensions: 19″ Wide x 18″ Deep x 18″ Height
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Model: 200-SOL-001
  • Price: $$$
#5) Renpho Leg Calf Massager Machine for Relaxation

  • #1 Cheap Foot and Leg Massager
  • Heat: No
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Dimensions: 11″ Length at Feet x 16″ Height x 24.5″ Max Circumference
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs (shipping weight)
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Model: Foot and Calf Massager
  • Price: $

Foot and Leg Massager Reviews

As you probably already noticed, there are leg massagers that extend all the way up to your thighs for a complete leg massage. This type of massager, such as the Fit King, is intended for people who want to improve circulation. Additionally, these massagers use air compression technology to offer a wide variety of different massage techniques. The other primary type is the Human Touch massage machine that features foot rollers for a deeper, more powerful massage.

Below, I share my individual reviews of each of the units in my Top 5 to give you a better idea of their functionality. Plus, I share the pros & cons of owning each unit. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to home massage bliss!

Cloud Massage Machine

The Cloud Massage machine offers a shiatsu massage experience for everything below the knee. Simply move the machine to focus on your ankles, calves, or feet. Be sure to start on the lowest setting to avoid any unnecessary soreness after your first several uses. Trust me, I made this mistake in the Singapore airport as I drifted away into deep-kneading heavenly bliss. The next day, I paid the price when I realized that I overdid it.

One feature I really like is the adjustable bar on this machine that allows you to get your perfect angle for comfort. A common complaint with machines that offer fixed angles is that the angle is uncomfortable. Since everyone is different, it’s important to have the option to adjust the angle to your liking.

The Cloud massager offers heat, vibration, air compression, and rolling balls for a deep-kneading shiatsu massage experience. One of the drawbacks is no remote control to adjust settings during your session. This becomes more annoying during foot massage sessions since there’s the need to bend down to adjust the settings. All in all, of the units in my Top 5, Cloud Massage is the best-rated and the best foot and leg massager for the money.

  • This is a seriously powerful massager that won’t leave something to be desired
  • The closest thing to a real shiatsu massage
  • Angle adjustments are super-easy with the bar
  • High-quality materials and well-built
  • Approved for larger feet (size 12) and calves (16″)
  • Excellent customer service marks
  • Great for the whole family and recommended for/by athletes
  • You might find that it’s too intense (causes pain)
  • The level of heat might not meet your expectations
  • The sound of the machine might bother you
  • No remote will probably get annoying at times

Fit King Leg Massager

Now, we have the Fit King Leg Massager that extends all the way up to your thighs to provide a complete leg and foot massage from top to bottom. If you’re eager to target your thighs, the Fit King is definitely a better choice than the Cloud Massage machine, and the good news is it costs a lot less.

Unlike the Cloud massager, the Fit King does not feature heat and rollers for kneading action. Instead, the Fit King massager relies on air compression to improve circulation and provide a euphoric massage experience. There’s also the convenience of a remote, albeit a rather large one.

The massager offers 3 different modes and 3 intensity levels with a total of 10 modes to choose from. Target your feet, calves, and thighs and find your sweet spot with the different modes. One feature I really like about the Fit King massager is the 28.5″ max calf circumference. This massager gets the job done for folks with larger calves where inferior units fall short.

The 3 modes are Circulation, Sequence, and Whole mode. In total, the massager offers 10 massage techniques that target all the major muscles in your legs and your feet including your soles. Of the Fit King models currently available, the FT-012A gives you the most coverage.

  • The massage function feels heavenly
  • Find relief for swelling issues due to work, edema, and other common causes
  • Recommended for recovery after long-distance runs
  • The convenience of the remote makes life so much easier
  • You might find relief for unsightly spider veins in the legs
  • The best massager for a total leg massage
  • Super convenient to use
  • No heat can be a bummer
  • You might need assistance putting the massager on
  • People over 6’2″ have trouble using the top portion on the thighs
  • It may feel bulky and too large for petite individuals

Fit King Foot and Leg Massager with Knee Heat

Fit King model FT-011A is very similar to the full leg massager above, except with this model, you get knee heat and no thigh massage action. Clearly, this model is better for people suffering from knee problems who desire heat therapy. Unlike the Fit King FT-012A, the FT-011A features 2 internal airbags rather than 3.

There are 2 knee heating massage levels with the option to turn it off completely. The unit offers the same number of total massage modes as the FT-012A above as well as the same max calf circumference. Plus, you get the same Fit King 2-year warranty that comes standard with all Fit King massagers. Other than those points, the remote for this unit is slightly different since it includes the option to control knee heat.

  • Recommended for relieving knee and leg pain
  • Great customer service (Fit King actually provides lifelong after-sales support)
  • Excellent for people who stand up at work all-day
  • Truly helps to improve circulation
  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • Approved by seniors
  • Incredibly relaxing
  • Air compression massage is limited compared to the Cloud massager or Human Touch units with rollers
  • Can feel too snug to larger individuals
  • You might not like the sound of it running
  • A handful of failed unit reports

Human Touch Reflex SOL

Of the five units in my guide, the Human Touch Reflex SOL is the closest thing to what I had discovered that serendipitous day at the Singapore airport. Like the Cloud massager, the Human Touch delivers the most powerful message of the units in this guide. Unlike the Cloud unit, the Human Touch does not feature a bar to adjust the angle of the machine. Instead, there’s an adjustable tilt base, and the machine focuses primarily on your calves and feet.

The SOL unit features Human Touch’s exclusive wrap-around Figure Eight Technology® to circulate blood from the feet back up toward the core of the body. This allows for fresh blood to re-enter the calves and feet similar to the techniques used by a professional massage therapist. One feature I really like is the warm air feature that circulates warm air throughout the length of your calves and feet with the option to turn it off completely.

Under-foot massage rollers push deep into the soles to provide relief that air compression alone doesn’t offer. Additionally, the vibration setting adds another level of soothing comfort during your massage sessions. The final highlight I want to point out is the removable, washable sleeves that make keeping the unit hygienic very easy. Overall, this is the best foot-calf-leg massager with fully adjustable intensity levels.

  • The figure-eight motion feels amazingly nice, especially with the vibration setting turned on at the same time
  • The warm air circulator works quite well and can be used on its own as the perfect leg and foot warmer during the winter months
  • The roller balls do an excellent job of massaging the soles
  • Approved by large men over 6’3″ and 300 lbs with size 15 shoes
  • The powerful operation that won’t leave you disappointed
  • Great for soothing tired and painful feet
  • Recommended for restless leg syndrome
  • The need to reach down to the control panel on the top of the machine
  • The strength of the vibration might leave something to be desired
  • Users over 6’4″ with long legs may find that the unit is too short to completely massage the calves
  • You may experience trouble trying to find the perfect position for their feet

Renpho Leg Calf Massager Machine for Relaxation

This massager by Renpho is a good budget alternative to Fit King massagers and the best cheap foot and leg massager currently available. The functionality of the Renpho massager is very similar to what’s offered by the Fit King units since all three massagers use air compression technology to massage the feet and legs for improved circulation.

One key difference between the Renpho and Fit King models is the greater number of modes and intensity levels offered by the Renpho unit. Instead of 3 modes and 3 intensity levels, the Renpho features 5 modes and 4 intensity levels. Unlike the Fit King models, there’s no knee heat with this model, and the massager does not contact the thigh region. The max calf circumference is also smaller at 24.8″ compared to 28.5″ with Fit King models. That’s definitely something to keep in mind before you choose this unit.

The Renpho massager features an automatic shut-off safety feature after 15 minutes. This also prevents the remote from overheating. To extend your massage sessions, simply enjoy multiple 15-minute sessions. Lastly, the lightweight nature of this massager makes it the best of the five for travel.

  • Powerful operation (be sure not to wrap it too tight before you start)
  • Good home treatment for aching legs and feet
  • An excellent piece of equipment to use while recovering from leg injuries
  • Perfect to use while relaxing and watching TV
  • You might find that the massage is stronger than what’s offered by massage chairs
  • Very ease to use for most people
  • Recommended for sore calves
  • It may not feel like a real enough massage
  • May cause discomfort for some people
  • The 15-minute time limit per session
  • You might not be a fan of the remote

Final Thoughts

Now you know the best foot and leg massagers on the market and how to choose one for your home. The key point to keep in mind is the difference between air compression massagers and the combination massagers in this guide.

Air compression massagers such as the Fit King models mimic massage by filling and emptying the internal airbags inside the units. Combination massagers like the Cloud and Reflex units provide a more authentic massage experience with the use of rollers, air compression, vibration, and even heat. However, more features also equal more money.

By considering your goals first and the features you can’t live without, choosing one of the units in this guide becomes a lot easier.

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